Intellectual Property Protection

General conditions of Service Provision to you, our clients and trainees.

The following summarises our T&C’s concerning IP which apply to all course attendees: All Training Methods and Materials provided for BHST, Restricted and Full Licence training/test and personalised training packages provided by David Horner, Accelerated Rider Training and partners, are provided for the sole benefit of the individual attending that particular training session, for their own personal skill enhancement to learn to ride a motorcycle proficiently and safely within the laws of New Zealand. Receiving information relating to the course or undertaking a course does NOT give the recipient the right to share, sell, alter or further reproduce or distribute any part of that course/Motorcycle Rider Training Methods and Materials to any other person, company or entity, in any form whatsoever, without our express written permission. For a full description of terms, contact us directly.

Disclaimer of Liability

Making an appointment for training, attending and participating in training with us assumes you agree to the following policies. If you do not agree to these, please DO NOT COMMENCE TRAINING.

By undertaking training, you indemnify Accelerated Rider Training ART & David Horner DH against any claims arising from your participation and agree: 1) you are aware Motorcycle Riding might cause you injury and/or damage your property and wish to take part in training despite these risks,2) you will make no claims against ART/DH, employees or agents in respect of any injury suffered by you, or any damage to any of your property regardless of how the injury or damage occurs. 3) you indemnify ART/DH against all claims, damages or losses (including costs), which you incur as the direct or indirect result of any injury to you or damage to your property. 4) you agree that this disclaimer will be binding on your family, heirs, legal assigns and administrators and executors. 5) If you are riding a bike supplied by ART/DH, any damage caused to the machine while in your control will be your full responsibility. You agree to pay for any costs – parts, labour or otherwise to repair damage to the motorcycle

Payment terms and conditions

Upfront payment 3 days prior to a lesson or test is expected, or bank transfer on the day prior to the test or lesson commencing at the latest, unless otherwise agreed. Late payments will attract an additional 10% fee per 7 days, with charges being applied after the first 24 hours of a lesson.

Our cancellation policy

If you are not fit to ride, or your motorcycle is not road worthy, we will cancel your appointment and reschedule. If you are unsure, let us know before we start training.

A 72 hour cancellation notice period is required to cancel an appointment – otherwise the full fee remains due. 2 exceptions to this cancellation policy relate to your fitness to ride, and the road worthiness of your motorbike. By agreeing to train you, we assume that (a) you are physically fit and there are no health issues that prevent you participating fully and (b) your motorbike is road legal and working properly, with its full range of grip, steering, acceleration, braking and turning capabilities available. If either of these conditions are not true, we expect you to tell us before we undertake training with you, and we will cancel and reschedule your training immediately at your convenience.